Loizos Loizou

Loizos Loizou


We were born and raised by local farmers who have been working hard all these years in our farms and learned how to live off the land and the benefits of local, fresh and tasty food.

Our farms are located at Agios Theodoros, a beautiful traditional village in the District of Larnaka. Our parents have been farming since 1987.

We are fortunate to nurture our produce from seed, harvest it by hand and put it on our family table. We make responsible use of natural resources and utilize both primitive and advanced technologies to accomplish this, since we understand the responsibility entrusted to us as farmers.

We are licensed by Nicosia Municipality to participate in various Municipal Markets.

We started  with a vision of how food should be: fresh, and local (when mother nature permits). We believe in farm to table, the way food should be. Having grown up in a family of farmers we always had and still have the great and invaluable opportunity to get our veggies and fruits straight from the source at peak freshness. We have spent summers working at our parents’ farms picking fresh vegetables and fruits, learning how to live off the land and the value of enjoying fresh local produce with no handling by intermediaries.

We believe that knowing where your food comes from and how little it has travelled to get to you makes food taste better. Nothing beats heading to the farmer’s market and picking up produce with the knowledge that it’s been harvested with the love and effort of a local family.