Lumina Botanical Gardens

Lumina Botanical Gardens

""Herbs ... as Nature gave them to us! We just transfer from the land to your home, flavors, aromas, fragrances. ""

LUMINA BOTANICAL GARDENS is a small, family unit for the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal herbs, in the village of Kornos. With respect for the environment, the land and its products, we cultivate with special care and meticulousness, our herbs, without chemical fertilizers, thus supporting organic farming, contributing to the natural balance, the preservation of ecosystems and the reduction of global pollution.

We collect by hand to preserve the valuable ingredients of our herbs. We dry and package traditionally, thus protecting the essential oils that give a rich aroma, taste and beneficial properties in their entirety. Meticulous care, perseverance, continuous training, is for us a way of life, passion, passion, to carry the best possible product, not as the final stage of our work but as a beginning to "share" this experience and to " we carry "from the earth to your home, unsurpassed flavours, aromas, fragrances.

Today, LUMINA BOTANICAL GARDENS cultivates over 20 different types of herbs, has its distillery for the production of its essential oils and flower waters, as well as its packaging plant.

Our products include herbs and herbal mixtures in bulk packaging, essential oils, flower waters, tinctures, healing oils, massage oils, ointments.